G. Everett Lasher
G. Everett Lasher
Postdoctoral Associate, University of Pittsburgh
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Legacy sediments and historic land use: Chemostratigraphic evidence for excess nutrient and heavy metal sources and remobilization
J Niemitz, C Haynes, G Lasher
Geology 41 (1), 47-50, 2013
Holocene temperatures and isotopes of precipitation in Northwest Greenland recorded in lacustrine organic materials
GE Lasher, Y Axford, JM McFarlin, MA Kelly, EC Osterberg, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 170, 45-55, 2017
The stable isotope composition of organic and inorganic fossils in lake sediment records: Current understanding, challenges, and future directions
M Van Hardenbroek, A Chakraborty, KL Davies, P Harding, O Heiri, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 196, 154-176, 2018
Landscape chronology and glacial history in Thule, northwest Greenland
LB Corbett, PR Bierman, GE Lasher, DH Rood
Quaternary Science Reviews 109, 57-67, 2015
Holocene temperature history of northwest Greenland–With new ice cap constraints and chironomid assemblages from Deltasø
Y Axford, GE Lasher, MA Kelly, EC Osterberg, J Landis, GC Schellinger, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 215, 160-172, 2019
Medieval warmth confirmed at the Norse Eastern Settlement in Greenland
GE Lasher, Y Axford
Geology 47 (3), 267-270, 2019
Holocene glacier and ice cap fluctuations in southwest Greenland inferred from two lake records
LJ Larocca, Y Axford, SA Woodroffe, GE Lasher, B Gawin
Quaternary Science Reviews 246, 106529, 2020
Local glaciers record delayed peak Holocene warmth in south Greenland
LJ Larocca, Y Axford, AA Bjørk, GE Lasher, JP Brooks
Quaternary Science Reviews 241, 106421, 2020
Holocene temperature and landscape history of southwest Greenland inferred from isotope and geochemical lake sediment proxies
GE Lasher, Y Axford, AL Masterson, K Berman, LJ Larocca
Quaternary Science Reviews 239, 106358, 2020
Holocene fluctuations of North Ice Cap, a proxy for climate conditions along the northwestern margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet
MA Kelly, EC Osterberg, GE Lasher, LB Farnsworth, JA Howley, Y Axford, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2015, PP33A-2284, 2015
Glaciovolcanism and episodic icesheets: evidence for paleo-climate proxies and insights into eruption dynamics from the Kawdy-Tuya area of northern British Columbia
BR Edwards, C Ryane, JK Russell, GK Lasher, G Dunnington
European Geophysical Union General Assembly Conference May, 2010
Holocene hydroclimatic reorganizations in northwest Canada inferred from lacustrine carbonate oxygen isotopes
G Everett Lasher, MB Abbott, L Anderson, L Yasarer, M Rosenmeier, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 48, e2021GL092948, 2021
Stratigraphic relationships from two previously undescribed tuyas in northern British Columbia: constraints on Quaternary paleo-ice distributions
C Ryane, BR Edwards, JK Russell, GE Lasher, G Dunnington
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 5543, 2010
Using erosion associated with glaciovolcanic features to document the existence of pre-LGM ice-sheets: examples from the Kawdy Plateau, northern British Columbia
G Dunnington, BR Edwards, C Ryane, JK Russell, GK Lasher
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 9528, 2010
Sensitivity of Erosion‐Rate in Permafrost Landscapes to Changing Climatic and Environmental Conditions Based on Lake Sediments From Northwestern Alaska
E Shelef, M Griffore, S Mark, T Coleman, N Wondolowski, GE Lasher, ...
Earth's Future 10 (8), e2022EF002779, 2022
Holocene warming drove long-term methane increases in lakes across Greenland
J McFarlin, Y Axford, S Kusch, A Masterson, G Lasher, M Osburn
Diverse terrestrial evidence for Holocene temperature trends over Greenland: a view from beyond the ice sheet
Y Axford, ML Chipman, L Larocca, GE Lasher, JM McFarlin, MR Osburn
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2019, PP41B-1544, 2019
Holocene Climate and Local Glacier Fluctuations in South Greenland Inferred from Three Glacial Lake Sediment Records
L Larocca, Y Axford, GE Lasher, AA Bjork, J Brooks
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2019, PP34A-07, 2019
Greenland Ice Sheet mass loss during the Last Interglacial and middle Holocene despite paleolimnological evidence for increased atmospheric moisture
JM McFarlin, Y Axford, MR Osburn, AL Masterson, GE Lasher
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2019, PP31A-06, 2019
Holocene Climate Change in Greenland: Investigations Using Oxygen Isotopes of Lacustrine Organic Materials
GE Lasher
Northwestern University, 2019
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