Hongyang Zhang
Hongyang Zhang
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Waterloo
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Theoretically principled trade-off between robustness and accuracy
H Zhang, Y Yu, J Jiao, E Xing, L El Ghaoui, M Jordan
International conference on machine learning, 7472-7482, 2019
On the applications of robust PCA in image and video processing
T Bouwmans, S Javed, H Zhang, Z Lin, R Otazo
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A closer look at accuracy vs. robustness
YY Yang, C Rashtchian, H Zhang, R Salakhutdinov, K Chaudhuri
Self-adaptive training: beyond empirical risk minimization
L Huang, C Zhang, H Zhang
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Learning and 1-bit compressed sensing under asymmetric noise
P Awasthi, MF Balcan, N Haghtalab, H Zhang
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Robust latent low rank representation for subspace clustering
H Zhang, Z Lin, C Zhang, J Gao
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Differentially private clustering in high-dimensional euclidean spaces
MF Balcan, T Dick, Y Liang, W Mou, H Zhang
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Random smoothing might be unable to certify l robustness for high-dimensional images
A Blum, T Dick, N Manoj, H Zhang
The Journal of Machine Learning Research 21 (1), 8726-8746, 2020
Adversarial vision challenge
W Brendel, J Rauber, A Kurakin, N Papernot, B Veliqi, SP Mohanty, ...
The NeurIPS'18 Competition: From Machine Learning to Intelligent …, 2020
Deep neural networks with multi-branch architectures are intrinsically less non-convex
H Zhang, J Shao, R Salakhutdinov
The 22nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics …, 2019
Noise-tolerant interactive learning using pairwise comparisons
Y Xu, H Zhang, K Miller, A Singh, A Dubrawski
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Exact recoverability of robust PCA via outlier pursuit with tight recovery bounds
H Zhang, Z Lin, C Zhang, E Chang
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Noise-tolerant life-long matrix completion via adaptive sampling
MFF Balcan, H Zhang
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 29, 2016
Sample and computationally efficient learning algorithms under s-concave distributions
MFF Balcan, H Zhang
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 30, 2017
Relations among some low-rank subspace recovery models
H Zhang, Z Lin, C Zhang, J Gao
Neural computation 27 (9), 1915-1950, 2015
A counterexample for the validity of using nuclear norm as a convex surrogate of rank
H Zhang, Z Lin, C Zhang
Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases: European Conference …, 2013
Matrix completion and related problems via strong duality
MF Balcan, Y Liang, DP Woodruff, H Zhang
arXiv preprint arXiv:1704.08683, 2017
Low Rank Models for Visual Analysis: Theories, Algorithms and Applications
Z Lin, H Zhang
Academic Press, 2017
Design and interpretation of universal adversarial patches in face detection
X Yang, F Wei, H Zhang, J Zhu
Computer Vision–ECCV 2020: 16th European Conference, Glasgow, UK, August 23 …, 2020
Testing matrix rank, optimally
MF Balcan, Y Li, DP Woodruff, H Zhang
Proceedings of the Thirtieth Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete …, 2019
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