Miroslav Dudik
Miroslav Dudik
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Novel methods improve prediction of species’ distributions from occurrence data
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Maxent software for modeling species niches and distributions v. 3.4.1
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URL:, 2017
Doubly robust policy evaluation and learning
M Dudik, J Langford, L Li
ICML 2011, 2011
Improving fairness in machine learning systems: What do industry practitioners need?
K Holstein, J Wortman Vaughan, H Daumé III, M Dudik, H Wallach
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A reliable effective terascale linear learning system
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Doubly robust policy evaluation and optimization
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Efficient Optimal Learning for Contextual Bandits
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Performance guarantees for regularized maximum entropy density estimation
M Dudik, SJ Phillips, RE Schapire
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Correcting sample selection bias in maximum entropy density estimation
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Fair Regression: Quantitative Definitions and Reduction-based Algorithms
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Provably efficient RL with rich observations via latent state decoding
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Off-policy evaluation for slate recommendation
A Swaminathan, A Krishnamurthy, A Agarwal, M Dudik, J Langford, ...
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 30, 2017
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