Albert Zondervan
Albert Zondervan
Research Scientist, GNS Science
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Until We End
F Brown
Bloomsbury Publishing USA, 2013
Isotopic characterisation of CO2 sources during regional pollution events using isotopic and radiocarbon analysis
A Zondervan, HAJ Meijer
Tellus B 48 (4), 601-612, 1996
New marine ΔR values for the South Pacific subtropical gyre region
F Petchey, A Anderson, A Zondervan, S Ulm, A Hogg
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Late Holocene uplift of beach ridges at Turakirae Head, south Wellington coast, New Zealand
MJ McSaveney, IJ Graham, JG Begg, AG Beu, AG Hull, K Kim, ...
New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics 49 (3), 337-358, 2006
Short-Range Nucleon-Nucleon Correlations Investigated with the Reaction C 12 (e, e′ pp)
L Kester, WHA Hesselink, N Kalantar-Nayestanaki, JH Mitchell, ...
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Longitudinal-transverse separation of the deuterium (e,ep) response functions
M Van der Schaar, H Arenhövel, TS Bauer, HP Blok, HJ Bulten, M Daman, ...
Physical review letters 66 (22), 2855, 1991
The marine reservoir effect in the Southern Ocean: An evaluation of extant and new? R values and their application to archaeological chronologies
F Petchey, A Anderson, A Hogg, A Zondervan
Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 38 (4), 243-262, 2008
Orbital forcing of mid-latitude Southern Hemisphere glaciation since 100 ka inferred from cosmogenic nuclide ages of moraine boulders from the Cascade Plateau, southwest New …
R Sutherland, K Kim, A Zondervan, M McSaveney
Geological Society of America Bulletin 119 (3-4), 443-451, 2007
Growth history and formation environments of ferromanganese deposits on the Philippine Sea Plate, northwest Pacific Ocean
A Usui, IJ Graham, RG Ditchburn, A Zondervan, H Shibasaki, H Hishida
Island Arc 16 (3), 420-430, 2007
The Keylong Serai rock avalanche, NW Indian Himalaya: geomorphology and palaeoseismic implications
WA Mitchell, MJ McSaveney, A Zondervan, K Kim, SA Dunning, PJ Taylor
Landslides 4 (3), 245-254, 2007
The 12C (e, e′ p) and 12C (e, e′ pp) reactions in the Δ-resonance region
A Zondervan, LJ De Bever, E Jans, J Konijn, M Kruijer, JJM Steijger, ...
Nuclear Physics A 587 (4), 697-720, 1995
East Antarctic deglaciation and the link to global cooling during the Quaternary: Evidence from glacial geomorphology and 10Be surface exposure dating of the Sør Rondane …
Y Suganuma, H Miura, A Zondervan, J Okuno
Quaternary Science Reviews 97, 102-120, 2014
New frontiers in glacier ice dating: Measurement of natural 32Si by AMS
U Morgenstern, LK Fifield, A Zondervan
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2000
Two-nucleon knock-out investigated with the semi-exclusive 12C (e, e′ p) reaction
L Kester, WHA Hesselink, N Kalantar-Nayestanaki, JH Mitchell, ...
Physics Letters B 344 (1-4), 79-84, 1995
A large-acceptance proton scintillator detection system for electron scattering experiments
A Zondervan, TS Bauer, R Boontje, EA Van den Born, JR Calarco, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 1994
Measurement circuits for silicon-diode and solar-cell lifetime and surface recombination velocity by electrical short-circuit current decay
A Zondervan, LA Verhoef, FA Lindholm
IEEE transactions on electron devices 35 (1), 85-88, 1988
Chronostratigraphy of ODP 181, Site 1121 sediment core (Southwest Pacific Ocean), using 10Be/9Be dating of entrapped ferromanganese nodules
IJ Graham, RM Carter, RG Ditchburn, A Zondervan
Marine Geology 205 (1-4), 227-247, 2004
The (e, eṕ) reaction on 142Nd and 146Nd: A search for deformation effects
J Lanen, HP Blok, HJ Bulten, JA Caballero, EM de Guerra, MN Harakeh, ...
Nuclear Physics A 560 (3), 811-821, 1993
Two-nucleon knockout contributions to the 12C (e, e′ p) reaction in the dip and Δ (1232) regions
J Ryckebusch, V Van Der Sluys, M Waroquier, L Kester, WHA Hesselink, ...
Physics Letters B 333 (3-4), 310-315, 1994
First results from the Groningen AMS facility
J Van Der Plicht, A Aerts, S Wijma, A Zondervan
Radiocarbon 37 (2), 657-661, 1995
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