David Jacob
David Jacob
Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU) and Ikerbasque Foundation
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Coherent transport in graphene nanoconstrictions
F Munoz-Rojas, D Jacob, J Fernández-Rossier, JJ Palacios
Physical Review B 74 (19), 195417, 2006
The Kondo effect in ferromagnetic atomic contacts
MR Calvo, J Fernandez-Rossier, JJ Palacios, D Jacob, D Natelson, ...
Nature 458 (7242), 1150-1153, 2009
Control of single-spin magnetic anisotropy by exchange coupling
JC Oberg, MR Calvo, F Delgado, M Moro-Lagares, D Serrate, D Jacob, ...
Nature nanotechnology 9 (1), 64-68, 2014
Orbital selective and tunable Kondo effect of magnetic adatoms on graphene: Correlated electronic structure calculations
D Jacob, G Kotliar
Physical Review B 82 (8), 085423, 2010
Observation of fractional edge excitations in nanographene spin chains
S Mishra, G Catarina, F Wu, R Ortiz, D Jacob, K Eimre, J Ma, CA Pignedoli, ...
Nature 598, 287-292, 2021
Dynamical mean-field theory for molecular electronics: Electronic structure and transport properties
D Jacob, K Haule, G Kotliar
Physical Review B 82 (19), 195115, 2010
Kondo effect and conductance of nanocontacts with magnetic impurities
D Jacob, K Haule, G Kotliar
Physical review letters 103 (1), 016803, 2009
Magnetic and orbital blocking in Ni nanocontacts
D Jacob, J Fernández-Rossier, JJ Palacios
Physical Review B 71 (22), 220403, 2005
Towards a full ab initio theory of strong electronic correlations in nanoscale devices
D Jacob
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 27 (24), 245606, 2015
Transport in magnetically ordered Pt nanocontacts
J Fernández-Rossier, D Jacob, C Untiedt, JJ Palacios
Physical Review B 72 (22), 224418, 2005
Critical comparison of electrode models in density functional theory based quantum transport calculations
D Jacob, JJ Palacios
The Journal of chemical physics 134 (4), 044118, 2011
Kondo effect and spin quenching in high-spin molecules on metal substrates
D Jacob, M Soriano, JJ Palacios
Physical Review B 88 (13), 134417, 2013
Orbital Kondo effect in cobalt-benzene sandwich molecules
M Karolak, D Jacob, AI Lichtenstein
Physical Review Letters 107 (14), 146604, 2011
Orbital eigenchannel analysis for ab initio quantum transport calculations
D Jacob, JJ Palacios
Physical Review B 73 (7), 075429, 2006
Anisotropic magnetoresistance in nanocontacts
D Jacob, J Fernández-Rossier, JJ Palacios
Physical Review B 77 (16), 165412, 2008
Electrically addressing the spin of a magnetic porphyrin through covalently connected graphene electrodes
J Li, N Friedrich, N Merino-Díez, D Oteyza, D Peña, D Jacob, JI Pascual
Nano Letters 19 (5), 3288, 2019
Spin control induced by molecular charging in a transport junction
S Karan, C García, M Karolak, D Jacob, N Lorente, R Berndt
Nano Letters 18 (1), 88-93, 2018
Orbital signatures of Fano-Kondo line shapes in STM adatom spectroscopy
S Frank, D Jacob
Physical Review B 92 (23), 235127, 2015
Shifting the voltage drop in electron transport through a single molecule
S Karan, D Jacob, M Karolak, C Hamann, Y Wang, A Weismann, ...
Physical Review Letters 115 (1), 016802, 2015
Many-body spectral functions from steady state density functional theory
D Jacob, S Kurth
Nano Letters 18 (3), 2086–2090, 2018
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