Nikos Skoulikidis
Nikos Skoulikidis
Research Director, HCMR
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Constructed floating wetlands: a review of research, design, operation and management aspects, and data meta-analysis
N Pavlineri, NT Skoulikidis, VA Tsihrintzis
Chemical Engineering Journal 308, 1120-1132, 2017
Non-perennial Mediterranean rivers in Europe: status, pressures, and challenges for research and management
NT Skoulikidis, S Sabater, T Datry, MM Morais, A Buffagni, G Dörflinger, ...
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Managing the effects of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems under water scarcity. The GLOBAQUA project
A Navarro-Ortega, V Acuna, A Bellin, P Burek, G Cassiani, ...
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Heavy metal contamination status in Greek surface waters: A review with application and evaluation of pollution indices
I Karaouzas, N Kapetanaki, A Mentzafou, TD Kanellopoulos, N Skoulikidis
Chemosphere 263, 128192, 2021
The environmental state of rivers in the Balkans—A review within the DPSIR framework
NT Skoulikidis
Science of the total environment 407 (8), 2501-2516, 2009
A novel approach to analysing the regimes of temporary streams in relation to their controls on the composition and structure of aquatic biota
F Gallart, N Prat, EM García-Roger, J Latron, M Rieradevall, P Llorens, ...
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River ecosystem processes: A synthesis of approaches, criteria of use and sensitivity to environmental stressors
D Von Schiller, V Acuña, I Aristi, M Arroita, A Basaguren, A Bellin, ...
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An integrated approach to watershed management within the DPSIR framework: Axios River catchment and Thermaikos Gulf
AP Karageorgis, MS Skourtos, V Kapsimalis, AD Kontogianni, ...
Regional environmental change 5, 138-160, 2005
Analysis of factors driving stream water composition and synthesis of management tools—A case study on small/medium Greek catchments
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Water and sediment quality assessment of the Axios River and its coastal environment
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The environmental state of freshwater resources in Greece (rivers and lakes)
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H Rügner, M Schwientek, R Milačič, T Zuliani, J Vidmar, M Paunović, ...
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Assessing water stress in Mediterranean lotic systems: insights from an artificially intermittent river in Greece
NT Skoulikidis, L Vardakas, I Karaouzas, AN Economou, E Dimitriou, ...
Aquatic Sciences 73, 581-597, 2011
Spatial and temporal effects of olive mill wastewaters to stream macroinvertebrates and aquatic ecosystems status
I Karaouzas, NT Skoulikidis, U Giannakou, TA Albanis
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In-stream biogeochemical processes of a temporary river
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Rivers of the Balkans
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Greek lakes: Limnological overview
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Towards sustainable management of Mediterranean river basins: policy recommendations on management aspects of temporary streams
NP Nikolaidis, L Demetropoulou, J Froebrich, C Jacobs, F Gallart, N Prat, ...
Water Policy 15 (5), 830-849, 2013
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