Juraj Poliak
A high-throughput satellite system for serving whole Europe with fast internet service, employing optical feeder links
D Giggenbach, E Lutz, J Poliak, R Mata-Calvo, C Fuchs
Broadband Coverage in Germany. 9th ITG Symposium. Proceedings, 1-7, 2015
Optical technologies for very high throughput satellite communications
RM Calvo, J Poliak, J Surof, A Reeves, M Richerzhagen, HF Kelemu, ...
Free-Space Laser Communications XXXI 10910, 189-204, 2019
Demonstration of 1.72 Tbit/s optical data transmission under worst-case turbulence conditions for ground-to-geostationary satellite communications
J Poliak, RM Calvo, F Rein
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Demonstration of intradyne BPSK optical free-space transmission in representative atmospheric turbulence conditions for geostationary uplink channel
J Surof, J Poliak, RM Calvo
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Optical technologies for terabit/s-throughput feeder link
R Saathof, R Den Breeje, W Klop, S Kuiper, N Doelman, F Pettazzi, ...
2017 IEEE International Conference on Space Optical Systems and Applications …, 2017
Optical feeder links for very high throughput satellites-System perspectives
R Mata Calvo, D Giggenbach, A Le Pera, J Poliak, R Barrios, S Dimitrov
Terabit-throughput GEO satellite optical feeder link testbed
J Poliak, D Giggenbach, F Moll, F Rein, C Fuchs, RM Calvo
2015 13th International Conference on Telecommunications (ConTEL), 1-5, 2015
Analytical expression of FSO link misalignments considering Gaussian beam
J Poliak, P Pezzei, E Leitgeb, O Wilfert
Proceedings of the 2013 18th European Conference on Network and Optical …, 2013
Link budget for high-speed short-distance wireless optical link
J Poliak, P Pezzei, E Leitgeb, O Wilfert
2012 8th International Symposium on Communication Systems, Networks …, 2012
Preliminary results of Terabit-per-second long-range free-space optical transmission Experiment THRUST
D Giggenbach, J Poliak, R Mata-Calvo, C Fuchs, N Perlot, R Freund, ...
Unmanned/Unattended Sensors and Sensor Networks XI; and Advanced Free-Space …, 2015
Demonstration of 40 GBaud intradyne transmission through worst-case atmospheric turbulence conditions for geostationary satellite uplink
P Conroy, J Surof, J Poliak, RM Calvo
Applied optics 57 (18), 5095-5101, 2018
13.16 Tbit/s free-space optical transmission over 10.45 km for geostationary satellite feeder-links
A Dochhan, J Poliak, J Surof, M Richerzhagen, HF Kelemu, RM Calvo
Photonic Networks; 20th ITG-Symposium, 1-3, 2019
Integration of FSO in local area networks-Combination of Optical Wireless with WLAN and DVB-T for last mile internet connections
E Leitgeb, T Plank, P Pezzei, D Kraus, J Poliak
2014 19th European Conference on Networks and Optical Communications-(NOC …, 2014
Pre-correction adaptive optics performance for a 10 km laser link
R Saathof, R Den Breeje, W Klop, N Doelman, T Moens, M Gruber, ...
Free-Space Laser Communications XXXI 10910, 325-331, 2019
On the derivation of exact analytical FSO link attenuation model
J Poliak, P Pezzei, P Barcik, E Leitgeb, L Hudcova, O Wilfert
Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies 25 (6), 609-617, 2014
Modelling and analysis of FSO ground-to-train communications for straight and curved tracks
R Paudel, J Poliak, Z Ghassemlooy, E Leitgeb
2013 7th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), 3180-3184, 2013
Laboratory characterization of optical inter-satellite links for future gnss
J Surof, J Poliak, RM Calvo, M Richerzhagen, R Wolf, T Schmidt
Proceedings of the 32nd International Technical Meeting of the Satellite …, 2019
Adaptive optics pre-correction for optical feeder links: breadboard performance
R Saathof, R Den Breeje, W Klop, N Doelman, T Moens, M Gruber, ...
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Curved track analysis of FSO link for ground-to-train communications
R Paudel, J Poliak, Z Ghassemlooy, O Wilfert, E Leitgeb
Radioengineering 23 (1), 452-459, 2014
Fiber coupling and field mixing of coherent free-space optical beams in satellite communications
J Poliak, D Giggenbach, RM Calvo, D Bok
Free-Space Laser Communication and Atmospheric Propagation XXVIII 9739, 317-325, 2016
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