Birger Horstmann
Birger Horstmann
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Rate-Dependent Morphology of Li2O2 Growth in Li–O2 Batteries
B Horstmann, B Gallant, R Mitchell, WG Bessler, Y Shao-Horn, MZ Bazant
The journal of physical chemistry letters 4 (24), 4217-4222, 2013
Hawking radiation from an acoustic black hole on an ion ring
B Horstmann, B Reznik, S Fagnocchi, JI Cirac
Physical review letters 104 (25), 250403, 2010
A flexible framework for modeling multiple solid, liquid and gaseous phases in batteries and fuel cells
JP Neidhardt, DN Fronczek, T Jahnke, T Danner, B Horstmann, ...
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 159 (9), A1528, 2012
Noise-driven dynamics and phase transitions in fermionic systems
B Horstmann, JI Cirac, G Giedke
Physical Review A 87 (1), 012108, 2013
Precipitation in aqueous lithium–oxygen batteries: a model-based analysis
B Horstmann, T Danner, WG Bessler
Energy & Environmental Science 6 (4), 1299-1314, 2013
Modeling nucleation and growth of zinc oxide during discharge of primary zinc-air batteries
J Stamm, A Varzi, A Latz, B Horstmann
Journal of Power Sources 360, 136-149, 2017
Revealing SEI morphology: in-depth analysis of a modeling approach
F Single, B Horstmann, A Latz
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 164 (11), E3132, 2017
Rational development of neutral aqueous electrolytes for zinc–air batteries
S Clark, A Latz, B Horstmann
ChemSusChem 10 (23), 4735, 2017
Dynamics and morphology of solid electrolyte interphase (SEI)
F Single, B Horstmann, A Latz
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (27), 17810-17814, 2016
A review of model-based design tools for metal-air batteries
S Clark, A Latz, B Horstmann
Batteries 4 (1), 5, 2018
Identifying the mechanism of continued growth of the solid-electrolyte interphase
F Single, A Latz, B Horstmann
ChemSusChem 11 (12), 1950-1955, 2018
Review on multi-scale models of solid-electrolyte interphase formation
B Horstmann, F Single, A Latz
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 13, 61-69, 2019
Towards rechargeable zinc–air batteries with aqueous chloride electrolytes
S Clark, AR Mainar, E Iruin, LC Colmenares, JA Blázquez, JR Tolchard, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (18), 11387-11399, 2019
Hawking radiation on an ion ring in the quantum regime
B Horstmann, R Schützhold, B Reznik, S Fagnocchi, JI Cirac
New Journal of Physics 13 (4), 045008, 2011
Reaction and transport in Ag/Ag 2 O gas diffusion electrodes of aqueous Li–O 2 batteries: Experiments and modeling
T Danner, B Horstmann, D Wittmaier, N Wagner, WG Bessler
Journal of Power Sources 264, 320-332, 2014
Dynamics of localization phenomena for hard-core bosons in optical lattices
B Horstmann, JI Cirac, T Roscilde
Physical Review A 76 (4), 043625, 2007
Oxygen reduction on Pt (111) in aqueous electrolyte: elementary kinetic modeling
D Eberle, B Horstmann
Electrochimica Acta 137, 714-720, 2014
Zinc electrode shape-change in secondary air batteries: A 2D modeling approach
T Schmitt, T Arlt, I Manke, A Latz, B Horstmann
Journal of Power Sources 432, 119-132, 2019
Influence of a silver salt on the nanostructure of a Au (111)/ionic liquid interface: an atomic force microscopy study and theoretical concepts
V Hoffmann, G Pulletikurthi, T Carstens, A Lahiri, A Borodin, M Schammer, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (7), 4760-4771, 2018
Theory of impedance spectroscopy for lithium batteries
F Single, B Horstmann, A Latz
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (45), 27327-27343, 2019
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