Iñigo Arrazola
Iñigo Arrazola
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Digital-Analog Quantum Simulation of Spin Models in Trapped Ions
I Arrazola, JS Pedernales, L Lamata, E Solano
Scientific Reports 6, 30534, 2016
Quantum algorithm for solving linear differential equations: Theory and experiment
T Xin, S Wei, J Cui, J Xiao, I Arrazola, L Lamata, X Kong, D Lu, E Solano, ...
Physical Review A 101 (3), 032307, 2020
Nonlinear quantum Rabi model in trapped ions
XH Cheng, I Arrazola, JS Pedernales, L Lamata, X Chen, E Solano
Physical Review A 97 (2), 023624, 2018
Pulsed dynamical decoupling for fast and robust two-qubit gates on trapped ions
I Arrazola, J Casanova, JS Pedernales, ZY Wang, E Solano, MB Plenio
Physical Review A 97, 052312, 2018
Selective interactions in the quantum Rabi model
L Cong, S Felicetti, J Casanova, L Lamata, E Solano, I Arrazola
Physical Review A 101 (3), 032350, 2020
Spin-boson model as a simulator of non-Markovian multiphoton Jaynes-Cummings models
R Puebla, G Zicari, I Arrazola, E Solano, M Paternostro, J Casanova
Symmetry 11 (5), 695, 2019
Hybrid microwave-radiation patterns for high-fidelity quantum gates with trapped ions
I Arrazola, MB Plenio, E Solano, J Casanova
Physical Review Applied 13 (2), 024068, 2020
Dynamics of an unbalanced two-ion crystal in a Penning trap for application in optical mass spectrometry
MJ Gutiérrez, J Berrocal, F Domínguez, I Arrazola, M Block, E Solano, ...
Physical Review A 100 (6), 063415, 2019
The TRAPSENSOR facility: an open-ring 7 tesla Penning trap for laser-based precision experiments
MJ Gutiérrez, J Berrocal, JM Cornejo, F Domínguez, JJ Del Pozo, ...
New Journal of Physics 21 (2), 023023, 2019
Plasmons in graphene on uniaxial substrates
I Arrazola, R Hillenbrand, AY Nikitin
Applied Physics Letters 104 (1), 011111, 2014
A Single-Ion Reservoir as a High-Sensitive Sensor of Electric Signals
F Domínguez, I Arrazola, J Doménech, JS Pedernales, L Lamata, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 8336, 2017
Double quantum magnetometry at large static magnetic fields
C Munuera-Javaloy, I Arrazola, E Solano, J Casanova
Physical Review B 101 (10), 104411, 2020
Motional studies of one and two laser-cooled trapped ions for electric-field sensing applications
F Domínguez, MJ Gutiérrez, I Arrazola, J Berrocal, JM Cornejo, ...
Journal of Modern Optics 65 (5-6), 613-621, 2018
Phase-adaptive dynamical decoupling methods for robust spin-spin dynamics in trapped ions
L Dong, I Arrazola, X Chen, J Casanova
Physical Review Applied 15 (3), 034055, 2021
Probabilistic eigensolver with a trapped-ion quantum processor
JN Zhang, I Arrazola, J Casanova, L Lamata, K Kim, E Solano
Physical Review A 101 (5), 052333, 2020
Switchable Particle Statistics with an Embedding Quantum Simulator
XH Cheng, I Arrazola, JS Pedernales, L Lamata, X Chen, E Solano
Physical Review A 95 (2), 022305, 2017
Boson sampling with ultracold atoms
C Robens, I Arrazola, W Alt, D Meschede, L Lamata, E Solano, A Alberti
arXiv preprint arXiv:2208.12253, 2022
Robust Two-Qubit Gates Using Pulsed Dynamical Decoupling
P Barthel, PH Huber, J Casanova, I Arrazola, D Niroomand, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2208.00187, 2022
Selective hybrid spin interactions with low radiation power
I Arrazola, E Solano, J Casanova
Physical Review B 99 (24), 245405, 2019
Robust Oscillator-Mediated Phase Gates Driven by Low-Intensity Pulses
I Arrazola, J Casanova
arXiv preprint arXiv:2209.14817, 2022
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