Jon Green
Jon Green
Senior Research Scientist, Network Science Institute, Northeastern University
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Elusive consensus: Polarization in elite communication on the COVID-19 pandemic
J Green, J Edgerton, D Naftel, K Shoub, S Cranmer
Science Advances, 2020
The differential effects of economic conditions and racial attitudes in the election of donald trump
J Green, S McElwee
Perspectives on Politics 17 (2), 358-379, 2019
It Takes a Motive: Communal and Agentic Articulated Interest and Candidate Emergence
M Conroy, J Green
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Persistence of symptoms up to 10 months following acute COVID-19 illness
RH Perlis, J Green, MH Santillana, D Lazer, K Ognyanova, M Simonson, ...
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The need for a translational science of democracy
MA Neblo, W Minozzi, KM Esterling, J Green, J Kingzette, DMJ Lazer
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Comparison of post-COVID depression and major depressive disorder
RH Perlis, M Santillana, K Ognyanova, J Green, JN Druckman, D Lazer, ...
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Factors associated with self-reported symptoms of depression among adults with and without a previous COVID-19 diagnosis
RH Perlis, M Santillana, K Ognyanova, J Green, J Druckman, D Lazer, ...
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Deliberative Democracy and Political Decision Making
J Green, J Kingzette, M Neblo
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Association of Major Depressive Symptoms With Endorsement of COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation Among US Adults
RH Perlis, K Ognyanova, M Santillana, J Lin, J Druckman, D Lazer, ...
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Floating policy voters in the 2016 US presidential election
J Green
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Using general messages to persuade on a politicized scientific issue
J Green, JN Druckman, MA Baum, D Lazer, K Ognyanova, M Simonson, ...
British Journal of Political Science, 2022
Engagement Outweighs Exposure to Partisan and Unreliable News within Google Search
RE Robertson, J Green, D Ruck, K Ognyanova, C Wilson, D Lazer
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Gender‐specificity of resilience in major depressive disorder
RH Perlis, K Ognyanova, A Quintana, J Green, M Santillana, J Lin, ...
Depression and anxiety 38 (10), 1026-1033, 2021
(Mis) alignment Between Stance Expressed in Social Media Data and Public Opinion Surveys
K Joseph, S Shugars, R Gallagher, J Green, AQ Mathé, Z An, D Lazer
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Prevalence of firearm ownership among individuals with major depressive symptoms
RH Perlis, MD Simonson, J Green, J Lin, A Safarpour, KL Trujillo, ...
JAMA network open 5 (3), e223245-e223245, 2022
Association between social media use and self-reported symptoms of depression in US adults
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JAMA network open 4 (11), e2136113-e2136113, 2021
Does Race Stop at the Water's Edge? Elites, the Public, and Support for Foreign Intervention among White US Citizens over Time
J Green
Political Science Quarterly 136 (2), 339-361, 2021
Cost Sensitivity, Partisan Cues, and Support for the Green New Deal
S Benegal, J Green
Belief Systems in Theory and Practice: Evidence from Political Pundits
J Green
Preprint, 2021
Despair or Defiance? Assessing Turnout Effects of Election Misinformation
J Green, W Hobbs, S McCabe, D Lazer
Preprint, 2021
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