Theo Lorenc
Theo Lorenc
Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, University of York
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A systematic review of barriers to and facilitators of the use of evidence by policymakers
K Oliver, S Innvar, T Lorenc, J Woodman, J Thomas
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Attitudes to walking and cycling among children, young people and parents: a systematic review
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T Lorenc, M Petticrew, M Whitehead, D Neary, S Clayton, K Wright, ...
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How does money influence health?
M Benzeval, L Bond, M Campbell, M Egan, T Lorenc, M Petticrew, ...
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Seasonal influenza vaccination of healthcare workers: systematic review of qualitative evidence
T Lorenc, D Marshall, K Wright, K Sutcliffe, A Sowden
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Considering methodological options for reviews of theory: illustrated by a review of theories linking income and health
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Promoting the uptake of HIV testing among men who have sex with men: systematic review of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness
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Sexually transmitted infections 87 (4), 272-278, 2011
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