Ryan D Batt
Ryan D Batt
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Early warnings of regime shifts: a whole-ecosystem experiment
SR Carpenter, JJ Cole, ML Pace, R Batt, WA Brock, T Cline, J Coloso, ...
Science 332 (6033), 1079-1082, 2011
Ecology under lake ice
SE Hampton, AWE Galloway, SM Powers, T Ozersky, KH Woo, RD Batt, ...
Ecology Letters, 2016
Ecosystem metabolism in a stratified lake
PA Staehr, JPA Christensen, RD Batt, JS Read
Limnol. Oceanogr 57 (5), 1317-1330, 2012
Changes in ecosystem resilience detected in automated measures of ecosystem metabolism during a whole-lake manipulation
RD Batt, SR Carpenter, JJ Cole, ML Pace, RA Johnson
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2013
LakeMetabolizer: an R package for estimating lake metabolism from free-water oxygen using diverse statistical models
LA Winslow, JA Zwart, RD Batt, HA Dugan, RI Woolway, JR Corman, ...
Inland Waters 6 (4), 622-636, 2016
Widespread loss of lake ice around the Northern Hemisphere in a warming world
S Sharma, K Blagrave, JJ Magnuson, CM O’Reilly, S Oliver, RD Batt, ...
Nature Climate Change 9 (3), 227-231, 2019
Reversal of a cyanobacterial bloom in response to early warnings
ML Pace, RD Batt, CD Buelo, SR Carpenter, JJ Cole, JT Kurtzweil, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (2), 352-357, 2017
Direct observations of ice seasonality reveal changes in climate over the past 320–570 years
S Sapna, JJ Magnuson, RD Batt, LA Winslow, J Korhonen, Y Aono
Scientific Reports 6, 25061, 2016
Free-water lake metabolism: addressing noisy time series with a Kalman filter
RD Batt, SR Carpenter
Limnol. Oceanogr. Methods 10, 20-30, 2012
Marine assemblages respond rapidly to winter climate variability
JW Morley, RD Batt, ML Pinsky
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Hydrogen isotope discrimination in aquatic primary producers: implications for aquatic food web studies
KL Hondula, ML Pace, JJ Cole, RD Batt
Aquatic sciences 76 (2), 217-229, 2014
Resources supporting the food web of a naturally productive lake
RD Batt, SR Carpenter, JJ Cole, ML Pace, TJ Cline, RA Johnson, ...
Limnol. Oceanogr 57 (5), 1443-1452, 2012
Asymmetric response of early warning indicators of phytoplankton transition to and from cycles
RD Batt, WA Brock, SR Carpenter, JJ Cole, ML Pace, DA Seekell
Theoretical ecology 6 (3), 285-293, 2013
Gradual changes in range size accompany long‐term trends in species richness
RD Batt, JW Morley, RL Selden, MW Tingley, ML Pinsky
Ecology Letters 20 (9), 1148-1157, 2017
Early warning signals precede cyanobacterial blooms in multiple whole‐lake experiments
GM Wilkinson, SR Carpenter, JJ Cole, ML Pace, RD Batt, CD Buelo, ...
Ecological Monographs 88 (2), 188-203, 2018
Diversity in thermal affinity among key piscivores buffers impacts of ocean warming on predator–prey interactions
RL Selden, RD Batt, VS Saba, ML Pinsky
Global change biology 24 (1), 117-131, 2018
Altered energy flow in the food web of an experimentally darkened lake
RD Batt, SR Carpenter, JJ Cole, ML Pace, RA Johnson, JT Kurtzweil, ...
Ecosphere 6 (3), 1-23, 2015
Ocean community warming responses explained by thermal affinities and temperature gradients
MT Burrows, AE Bates, MJ Costello, M Edwards, GJ Edgar, CJ Fox, ...
Nature Climate Change 9 (12), 959-963, 2019
Extreme events in lake ecosystem time series
RD Batt, SR Carpenter, AR Ives
Limnology and Oceanography Letters 2 (3), 63-69, 2017
Bifurcation or state tipping: assessing transition type in a model trophic cascade
C Boettiger, R Batt
Journal of Mathematical Biology 80 (1), 143-155, 2020
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