Richard M. Palin
Richard M. Palin
Associate Professor of Petrology, University of Oxford, UK
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Activity–composition relations for the calculation of partial melting equilibria in metabasic rocks
ECR Green, RW White, JFA Diener, R Powell, TJB Holland, RM Palin
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 34 (9), 845-869, 2016
Quantifying geological uncertainty in metamorphic phase equilibria modelling; a Monte Carlo assessment and implications for tectonic interpretations
RM Palin, OM Weller, DJ Waters, B Dyck
Geoscience Frontiers 7 (4), 591–607, 2016
Secular change and the onset of plate tectonics on Earth
RM Palin, M Santosh, W Cao, SS Li, D Hernández-Uribe, A Parsons
Earth-Science Reviews 207, 103172, 2020
High‐grade metamorphism and partial melting of basic and intermediate rocks
RM Palin, RW White, ECR Green, JFA Diener, R Powell, TJB Holland
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 34 (9), 871-892, 2016
Partial melting of metabasic rocks and the generation of tonalitic–trondhjemitic–granodioritic (TTG) crust in the Archaean: Constraints from phase equilibrium modelling
RM Palin, RW White, ECR Green
Precambrian Research 287, 73-90, 2016
Integrated pressure–temperature–time constraints for the Tso Morari dome (Northwest India): Implications for the burial and exhumation path of UHP units in the western Himalaya
MR St‐Onge, N Rayner, RM Palin, MP Searle, DJ Waters
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 31 (5), 469-504, 2013
Emergence of blueschists on Earth linked to secular changes in oceanic crust composition
RM Palin, RW White
Nature Geoscience 9, 60-64, 2016
Plate tectonics: What, where, why, and when?
RM Palin, M Santosh
Gondwana Research 100, 2021
Quartz Solubility in the H2O-NaCl System: A Framework for Understanding Vein Formation in Porphyry Copper Deposits
T Monecke, J Monecke, TJ Reynolds, S Tsuruoka, MM Bennett, ...
Economic Geology 113 (5), 1007-1046, 2018
Quantifying Barrovian metamorphism in the Danba structural culmination of eastern Tibet
OM Weller, MR St‐Onge, DJ Waters, N Rayner, MP Searle, SL Chung, ...
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 31 (9), 909-935, 2013
Geological, geophysical and plate kinematic constraints for models of the India-Asia collision and the post-Triassic central Tethys oceans
AJ Parsons, K Hosseini, RM Palin, K Sigloch
Earth-Science Reviews 208, 103084, 2020
A geochronological and petrological study of anatectic paragneiss and associated granite dykes from the Day Nui Con Voi metamorphic core complex, North Vietnam: constraints on …
RM Palin, MP Searle, DJ Waters, RR Parrish, NMW Roberts, ...
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 31 (4), 359-387, 2013
The lower crust of the Gangdese magmatic arc, southern Tibet, implication for the growth of continental crust
Z Zhang, H Ding, RM Palin, X Dong, Z Tian, Y Chen
Gondwana Research 77, 136-146, 2020
A comparison of observed and thermodynamically predicted phase equilibria and mineral compositions in mafic granulites
JB Forshaw, DJ Waters, DRM Pattison, RM Palin, P Gopon
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 37 (2), 153-179, 2019
High‐grade metamorphism and partial melting in Archean composite grey gneiss complexes
RW White, RM Palin, ECR Green
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 35 (2), 181-195, 2017
Phase equilibria modelling of retrograde amphibole and clinozoisite in mafic eclogite from the Tso Morari massif, northwest India: constraining the P–T–M (H2O) conditions of …
RM Palin, MR St‐Onge, DJ Waters, MP Searle, B Dyck
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 32 (7), 675–693, 2014
Monazite geochronology and petrology of kyanite-and sillimanite-grade migmatites from the northwestern flank of the eastern Himalayan syntaxis
RM Palin, MP Searle, MR St-Onge, DJ Waters, NMW Roberts, ...
Gondwana Research 26 (1), 323-347, 2014
Combined thermobarometry and geochronology of peraluminous metapelites from the Karakoram metamorphic complex, North Pakistan; New insight into the tectonothermal evolution of …
RM Palin, MP Searle, DJ Waters, MSA Horstwood, RR Parrish
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 30 (8), 793-820, 2012
A revised petrological model for subducted oceanic crust: Insights from phase equilibrium modelling
D Hernández‐Uribe, RM Palin
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 37 (6), 745-768, 2019
The divergent fates of primitive hydrospheric water on Earth and Mars
J Wade, B Dyck, RM Palin, JDP Moore, AJ Smye
Nature 552 (7685), 391-394, 2017
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