Brian Skinner
Brian Skinner
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Ohio State University
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Measurement-induced phase transitions in the dynamics of entanglement
B Skinner, J Ruhman, A Nahum
Physical Review X 9 (3), 031009, 2019
Universal power law governing pedestrian interactions
I Karamouzas, B Skinner, SJ Guy
Physical review letters 113 (23), 238701, 2014
Measurement and entanglement phase transitions in all-to-all quantum circuits, on quantum trees, and in Landau-Ginsburg theory
A Nahum, S Roy, B Skinner, J Ruhman
PRX Quantum 2 (1), 010352, 2021
Why is the bulk resistivity of topological insulators so small?
B Skinner, T Chen, BI Shklovskii
Physical review letters 109 (17), 176801, 2012
Large, nonsaturating thermopower in a quantizing magnetic field
B Skinner, L Fu
Science advances 4 (5), eaat2621, 2018
Entanglement and dynamics of diffusion-annihilation processes with Majorana defects
A Nahum, B Skinner
Physical Review Research 2 (2), 023288, 2020
Fast thermal relaxation in cavity-coupled graphene bolometers with a Johnson noise read-out
DK Efetov, RJ Shiue, Y Gao, B Skinner, ED Walsh, H Choi, J Zheng, ...
Nature Nanotechnology, 1, 2018
The price of anarchy in basketball
B Skinner
Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports 6 (1), 2010
Anomalously large capacitance of a plane capacitor with a two-dimensional electron gas
B Skinner, BI Shklovskii
Physical Review B 82 (15), 155111, 2010
Coulomb disorder in three-dimensional Dirac systems
B Skinner
Physical Review B 90 (6), 060202, 2014
Theory of volumetric capacitance of an electric double-layer supercapacitor
B Skinner, T Chen, MS Loth, BI Shklovskii
Physical Review E 83 (5), 056102, 2011
Capacitance of the Double Layer Formed at the Metal/Ionic-Conductor Interface: How Large Can It Be?
B Skinner, MS Loth, BI Shklovskii
Physical review letters 104 (12), 128302, 2010
Quantized thermoelectric Hall effect induces giant power factor in a topological semimetal
F Han, N Andrejevic, T Nguyen, V Kozii, QT Nguyen, T Hogan, Z Ding, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 6167, 2020
Theory of hopping conduction in arrays of doped semiconductor nanocrystals
B Skinner, T Chen, BI Shklovskii
Physical Review B 85 (20), 205316, 2012
The problem of shot selection in basketball
B Skinner
PloS one 7 (1), e30776, 2012
Observation of a thermoelectric Hall plateau in the extreme quantum limit
W Zhang, P Wang, B Skinner, R Bi, V Kozii, CW Cho, R Zhong, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1046, 2020
Anomalously large capacitance of an ionic liquid described by the restricted primitive model
MS Loth, B Skinner, BI Shklovskii
Physical Review E 82 (5), 056102, 2010
Competing correlated states around the zero-field Wigner crystallization transition of electrons in two dimensions
J Falson, I Sodemann, B Skinner, D Tabrea, Y Kozuka, A Tsukazaki, ...
Nature materials 21 (3), 311-316, 2022
Effects of bulk charged impurities on the bulk and surface transport in three-dimensional topological insulators
B Skinner, T Chen, BI Shklovskii
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 117, 579-592, 2013
Thermoelectric Hall conductivity and figure of merit in Dirac/Weyl materials
V Kozii, B Skinner, L Fu
Physical Review B 99 (15), 155123, 2019
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