Guozheng Kang
Guozheng Kang
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Ratchetting: recent progresses in phenomenon observation, constitutive modeling and application
G Kang
International Journal of Fatigue 30 (8), 1448-1472, 2008
The effect of manufacturing defects on the fatigue life of selective laser melted Ti-6Al-4V structures
YN Hu, SC Wu, PJ Withers, J Zhang, HYX Bao, YN Fu, GZ Kang
Materials & Design 192, 108708, 2020
Time-dependent ratchetting experiments of SS304 stainless steel
G Kang, Q Kan, J Zhang, Y Sun
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Recent progress on wear‐resistant materials: designs, properties, and applications
W Zhai, L Bai, R Zhou, X Fan, G Kang, Y Liu, K Zhou
Advanced Science 8 (11), 2003739, 2021
A visco–plastic constitutive model incorporated with cyclic hardening for uniaxial/multiaxial ratcheting of SS304 stainless steel at room temperature
G Kang, Q Gao, X Yang
Mechanics of Materials 34 (9), 521-531, 2002
Uniaxial ratcheting and fatigue failure of tempered 42CrMo steel: damage evolution and damage-coupled visco-plastic constitutive model
G Kang, Y Liu, J Ding, Q Gao
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Constitutive modeling of strain range dependent cyclic hardening
G Kang, N Ohno, A Nebu
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A visco-plastic constitutive model for ratcheting of cyclically stable materials and its finite element implementation
G Kang
Mechanics of Materials 36 (4), 299-312, 2004
Experimental study on uniaxial and nonproportionally multiaxial ratcheting of SS304 stainless steel at room and high temperatures
G Kang, Q Gao, L Cai, Y Sun
Nuclear Engineering and Design 216 (1-3), 13-26, 2002
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Q Kan, G Kang
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Ratchetting deformation of super-elastic and shape-memory NiTi alloys
G Kang, Q Kan, L Qian, Y Liu
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A machine-learning fatigue life prediction approach of additively manufactured metals
H Bao, S Wu, Z Wu, G Kang, X Peng, PJ Withers
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 242, 107508, 2021
Experimental study on ratchetting-fatigue interaction of SS304 stainless steel in uniaxial cyclic stressing
G Kang, Y Liu, Z Li
Materials Science and Engineering: A 435, 396-404, 2006
High‐speed 3D printing of high‐performance thermosetting polymers via two‐stage curing
X Kuang, Z Zhao, K Chen, D Fang, G Kang, HJ Qi
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Fabrication of tough epoxy with shape memory effects by UV-assisted direct-ink write printing
K Chen, X Kuang, V Li, G Kang, HJ Qi
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Uniaxial ratchetting and low-cycle fatigue failure of the steel with cyclic stabilizing or softening feature
G Kang, Y Liu
Materials Science and Engineering: A 472 (1-2), 258-268, 2008
Crystal plasticity based constitutive model of NiTi shape memory alloy considering different mechanisms of inelastic deformation
C Yu, G Kang, Q Kan
International Journal of Plasticity 54, 132-162, 2014
Oliver–Pharr indentation method in determining elastic moduli of shape memory alloys—a phase transformable material
Q Kan, W Yan, G Kang, Q Sun
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 61 (10), 2015-2033, 2013
Dislocation mechanism based size-dependent crystal plasticity modeling and simulation of gradient nano-grained copper
X Lu, X Zhang, M Shi, F Roters, G Kang, D Raabe
international Journal of Plasticity 113, 52-73, 2019
Uniaxial ratcheting and failure behaviors of two steels
GZ Kang, YG Li, J Zhang, YF Sun, Q Gao
Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics 43 (2), 199-209, 2005
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