Cenke Xu
Cenke Xu
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Two-orbital SU (N) magnetism with ultracold alkaline-earth atoms
AV Gorshkov, M Hermele, V Gurarie, C Xu, PS Julienne, J Ye, P Zoller, ...
Nature physics 6 (4), 289-295, 2010
Magnetic impurities on the surface of a topological insulator
Q Liu, CX Liu, C Xu, XL Qi, SC Zhang
Physical review letters 102 (15), 156603, 2009
Stability of the quantum spin Hall effect: Effects of interactions, disorder, and topology
C Xu, JE Moore
Physical Review B 73 (4), 045322, 2006
Ising and spin orders in the iron-based superconductors
C Xu, M Müller, S Sachdev
Physical Review B 78 (2), 020501, 2008
Topological superconductivity in twisted multilayer graphene
C Xu, L Balents
Physical review letters 121 (8), 087001, 2018
Deconfined quantum critical points: symmetries and dualities
C Wang, A Nahum, MA Metlitski, C Xu, T Senthil
Physical Review X 7 (3), 031051, 2017
Non-Fermi-liquid and topological states with strong spin-orbit coupling
EG Moon, C Xu, YB Kim, L Balents
Physical review letters 111 (20), 206401, 2013
Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model and thermalization on the boundary of many-body localized fermionic symmetry-protected topological states
YZ You, AWW Ludwig, C Xu
Physical Review B 95 (11), 115150, 2017
High-Pressure Sequence of Structural Phases: New Quantum Spin Liquids Based on
JG Cheng, G Li, L Balicas, JS Zhou, JB Goodenough, C Xu, HD Zhou
Physical review letters 107 (19), 197204, 2011
Successive Phase Transitions and Extended Spin-Excitation Continuum in the Triangular-Lattice Antiferromagnet
HD Zhou, C Xu, AM Hallas, HJ Silverstein, CR Wiebe, I Umegaki, JQ Yan, ...
Physical review letters 109 (26), 267206, 2012
Global phase diagrams of frustrated quantum antiferromagnets in two dimensions: Doubled Chern-Simons theory
C Xu, S Sachdev
Physical Review B 79 (6), 064405, 2009
Symmetry-protected topological states of interacting fermions and bosons
YZ You, C Xu
Physical Review B 90 (24), 245120, 2014
Topological Defects and the Superfluid Transition of the Spinor Condensate in Two Dimensions
S Mukerjee, C Xu, JE Moore
Physical review letters 97 (12), 120406, 2006
Duality between the deconfined quantum-critical point and the bosonic topological transition
YQ Qin, YY He, YZ You, ZY Lu, A Sen, AW Sandvik, C Xu, ZY Meng
Physical Review X 7 (3), 031052, 2017
Classification and description of bosonic symmetry protected topological phases with semiclassical nonlinear sigma models
Z Bi, A Rasmussen, K Slagle, C Xu
Physical Review B 91 (13), 134404, 2015
Strong-Weak Coupling Self-Duality in the Two-Dimensional Quantum Phase Transition of Superconducting Arrays
C Xu, JE Moore
Physical review letters 93 (4), 047003, 2004
Instability of the non-Fermi-liquid state of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model
Z Bi, CM Jian, YZ You, KA Pawlak, C Xu
Physical Review B 95 (20), 205105, 2017
Wave functions of bosonic symmetry protected topological phases
C Xu, T Senthil
Physical Review B 87 (17), 174412, 2013
Gapless bosonic excitation without symmetry breaking: An algebraic spin liquid with soft gravitons
C Xu
Physical Review B 74 (22), 224433, 2006
Theory of a competitive spin liquid state for weak Mott insulators on the triangular lattice
RV Mishmash, JR Garrison, S Bieri, C Xu
Physical Review Letters 111 (15), 157203, 2013
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