Gang Cao (G. Cao)
Gang Cao (G. Cao)
Professor of Physics, University of Colorado at Boulder
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Novel J eff= 1/2 Mott state induced by relativistic spin-orbit coupling in Sr 2 IrO 4
BJ Kim, H Jin, SJ Moon, JY Kim, BG Park, CS Leem, J Yu, TW Noh, C Kim, ...
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Thermal, magnetic, and transport properties of single-crystal
G Cao, S McCall, M Shepard, JE Crow, RP Guertin
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Magnetic Excitation Spectra of Probed by Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering: Establishing Links to Cuprate Superconductors
J Kim, D Casa, MH Upton, T Gog, YJ Kim, JF Mitchell, M Van Veenendaal, ...
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Dimensionality-Controlled Insulator-Metal Transition and Correlated Metallic State in Transition Metal Oxides (, 2, and )
SJ Moon, H Jin, KW Kim, WS Choi, YS Lee, J Yu, G Cao, A Sumi, ...
Physical review letters 101 (22), 226402, 2008
Orbital-selective Mott-insulator transition in Ca 2-x Sr x RuO 4
VI Anisimov, IA Nekrasov, DE Kondakov, TM Rice, M Sigrist
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Weak ferromagnetism, metal-to-nonmetal transition, and negative differential resistivity in single-crystal Sr 2 IrO 4
G Cao, J Bolivar, S McCall, JE Crow, RP Guertin
Physical Review B 57 (18), R11039, 1998
Direct evidence of a zigzag spin-chain structure in the honeycomb lattice: A neutron and x-ray diffraction investigation of single-crystal Na 2 IrO 3
F Ye, S Chi, H Cao, BC Chakoumakos, JA Fernandez-Baca, ...
Physical Review B 85 (18), 180403, 2012
Pressure Tuning of the Spin-Orbit Coupled Ground State in
D Haskel, G Fabbris, M Zhernenkov, PP Kong, CQ Jin, G Cao, ...
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Observation of a Metallic Antiferromagnetic Phase and Metal to Nonmetal Transition in
G Cao, S McCall, JE Crow, RP Guertin
Physical review letters 78 (9), 1751, 1997
Anomalous magnetic and transport behavior in the magnetic insulator Sr 3 Ir 2 O 7
G Cao, Y Xin, CS Alexander, JE Crow, P Schlottmann, MK Crawford, ...
Physical Review B 66 (21), 214412, 2002
Temperature dependence of the electronic structure of the J eff= 1 2 Mott insulator Sr 2 IrO 4 studied by optical spectroscopy
SJ Moon, H Jin, WS Choi, JS Lee, SSA Seo, J Yu, G Cao, TW Noh, ...
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Lattice-driven magnetoresistivity and metal-insulator transition in single-layered iridates
M Ge, TF Qi, OB Korneta, DE De Long, P Schlottmann, WP Crummett, ...
Physical Review B 84 (10), 100402, 2011
Magnetic and crystal structures of Sr 2 IrO 4: A neutron diffraction study
F Ye, S Chi, BC Chakoumakos, JA Fernandez-Baca, T Qi, G Cao
Physical Review B 87 (14), 140406, 2013
Destruction of the Mott insulating ground state of Ca 2 RuO 4 by a structural transition
CS Alexander, G Cao, V Dobrosavljevic, S McCall, JE Crow, E Lochner, ...
Physical Review B 60 (12), R8422, 1999
Magnetic and transport properties of single-crystal Relationship to superconducting
G Cao, S McCall, M Shepard, JE Crow, RP Guertin
Physical Review B 56 (6), R2916, 1997
Orbital Magnetism and Spin-Orbit Effects in the Electronic Structure of
MA Laguna-Marco, D Haskel, N Souza-Neto, JC Lang, VV Krishnamurthy, ...
Physical review letters 105 (21), 216407, 2010
Observation of itinerant ferromagnetism in layered Sr 3 Ru 2 O 7 single crystals
G Cao, S McCall, JE Crow
Physical Review B 55 (2), R672, 1997
Spin switching and magnetization reversal in single-crystal NdFeO 3
SJ Yuan, W Ren, F Hong, YB Wang, JC Zhang, L Bellaiche, SX Cao, ...
Physical Review B 87 (18), 184405, 2013
Giant magnetoelectric effect in the J eff= 1 2 Mott insulator Sr 2 IrO 4
S Chikara, O Korneta, WP Crummett, LE DeLong, P Schlottmann, G Cao
Physical Review B 80 (14), 140407, 2009
Novel Magnetism of Ions in the Double Perovskite
G Cao, TF Qi, L Li, J Terzic, SJ Yuan, LE DeLong, G Murthy, RK Kaul
Physical review letters 112 (5), 056402, 2014
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