Stephan Brunner
Stephan Brunner
Senior Scientist (MER), Swiss Plasma Center (SPC), École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
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The global version of the gyrokinetic turbulence code GENE
T Goerler, X Lapillonne, S Brunner, T Dannert, F Jenko, F Merz, D Told
Journal of Computational Physics 230 (18), 7053-7071, 2011
Experimental Observation of the Blob-Generation Mechanism from InterchangeWaves in a Plasma
I Furno, B Labit, M Podestà, A Fasoli, SH Müller, FM Poli, P Ricci, ...
Physical review letters 100 (5), 055004, 2008
Clarifications to the limitations of the s-α equilibrium model for gyrokinetic computations of turbulence
X Lapillonne, S Brunner, T Dannert, S Jolliet, A Marinoni, L Villard, ...
Physics of Plasmas 16 (3), 2009
Collisional delta-f scheme with evolving background for transport time scale simulations
S Brunner, E Valeo, JA Krommes
Physics of Plasmas 6 (12), 4504-4521, 1999
System size effects on gyrokinetic turbulence
BF McMillan, X Lapillonne, S Brunner, L Villard, S Jolliet, A Bottino, ...
Physical Review Letters 105 (15), 155001, 2010
Trapped-particle instability leading to bursting in stimulated Raman scattering simulations
S Brunner, EJ Valeo
Physical review letters 93 (14), 145003, 2004
The effect of plasma triangularity on turbulent transport: modeling TCV experiments by linear and non-linear gyrokinetic simulations
A Marinoni, S Brunner, Y Camenen, S Coda, JP Graves, X Lapillonne, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 51 (5), 055016, 2009
Finite element approach to global gyrokinetic particle-in-cell simulations using magnetic coordinates
M Fivaz, S Brunner, G De Ridder, O Sauter, TM Tran, J Vaclavik, L Villard, ...
Computer physics communications 111 (1-3), 27-47, 1998
ORB5: a global electromagnetic gyrokinetic code using the PIC approach in toroidal geometry
E Lanti, N Ohana, N Tronko, T Hayward-Schneider, A Bottino, ...
Computer Physics Communications 251, 107072, 2020
Mechanism for blob generation in the TORPEX toroidal plasma
I Furno, B Labit, A Fasoli, FM Poli, P Ricci, C Theiler, S Brunner, A Diallo, ...
Physics of Plasmas 15 (5), 2008
Global approach to the spectral problem of microinstabilities in tokamak plasmas using a gyrokinetic model
S Brunner, M Fivaz, TM Tran, J Vaclavik
Physics of Plasmas 5 (11), 3929-3949, 1998
High-and low-confinement modes in simple magnetized toroidal plasmas
P Ricci, BN Rogers, S Brunner
Physical review letters 100 (22), 225002, 2008
Global marginal stability of TAEs in the presence of fast ions
L Villard, S Brunner, J Vaclavik
Nuclear Fusion 35 (10), 1173, 1995
Complete multi-field characterization of the geodesic acoustic mode in the TCV tokamak
CA De Meijere, S Coda, Z Huang, L Vermare, T Vernay, V Vuille, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 56 (7), 072001, 2014
On the non-stiffness of edge transport in L-mode tokamak plasmas
O Sauter, S Brunner, D Kim, G Merlo, R Behn, Y Camenen, S Coda, ...
Physics of Plasmas 21 (5), 2014
Electron and ion kinetic effects on non-linearly driven electron plasma and ion acoustic waves
RL Berger, S Brunner, T Chapman, L Divol, CH Still, EJ Valeo
Physics of Plasmas 20 (3), 2013
Sheath impedance effects in very high frequency plasma experiments
W Schwarzenbach, AA Howling, M Fivaz, S Brunner, C Hollenstein
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 14 (1 …, 1996
Global simulations of tokamak microturbulence: finite-β effects and collisions
A Bottino, T Vernay, B Scott, S Brunner, R Hatzky, S Jolliet, BF McMillan, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 53 (12), 124027, 2011
Computational challenges in magnetic-confinement fusion physics
A Fasoli, S Brunner, WA Cooper, JP Graves, P Ricci, O Sauter, L Villard
Nature Physics 12 (5), 411-423, 2016
Flux-and gradient-driven global gyrokinetic simulation of tokamak turbulence
T Görler, X Lapillonne, S Brunner, T Dannert, F Jenko, SK Aghdam, ...
Physics of Plasmas 18 (5), 2011
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