Frederic Dias
Frederic Dias
Professor of Applied Mathematics, University College Dublin
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The Peregrine soliton in nonlinear fibre optics
B Kibler, J Fatome, C Finot, G Millot, F Dias, G Genty, N Akhmediev, ...
Nature Physics 6 (10), 790-795, 2010
Instabilities, breathers and rogue waves in optics
JM Dudley, F Dias, M Erkintalo, G Genty
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JM Dudley, G Genty, F Dias, B Kibler, N Akhmediev
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A fully non‐linear model for three‐dimensional overturning waves over an arbitrary bottom
ST Grilli, P Guyenne, F Dias
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Nonlinear gravity and capillary-gravity waves
F Dias, C Kharif
Annual review of fluid mechanics 31 (1), 301-346, 1999
Observation of Kuznetsov-Ma soliton dynamics in optical fibre
B Kibler, J Fatome, C Finot, G Millot, G Genty, B Wetzel, N Akhmediev, ...
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Numerical modeling of extreme rogue waves generated by directional energy focusing
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One-dimensional wave turbulence
V Zakharov, F Dias, A Pushkarev
Physics Reports 398 (1), 1-65, 2004
Real-time full bandwidth measurement of spectral noise in supercontinuum generation
B Wetzel, A Stefani, L Larger, PA Lacourt, JM Merolla, T Sylvestre, ...
Scientific reports 2, 882, 2012
Gravity-capillary solitary waves in water of infinite depth and related free-surface flows
JM Vanden-Broeck, F Dias
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Real-time measurements of spontaneous breathers and rogue wave events in optical fibre modulation instability
M Närhi, B Wetzel, C Billet, S Toenger, T Sylvestre, JM Merolla, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-9, 2016
Theory of weakly damped free-surface flows: a new formulation based on potential flow solutions
F Dias, AI Dyachenko, VE Zakharov
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Collisions and turbulence in optical rogue wave formation
G Genty, CM de Sterke, O Bang, F Dias, N Akhmediev, JM Dudley
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Real world ocean rogue waves explained without the modulational instability
F Fedele, J Brennan, SP De León, J Dudley, F Dias
Scientific reports 6, 27715, 2016
Hydrodynamics of the oscillating wave surge converter in the open ocean
E Renzi, F Dias
European Journal of Mechanics-B/Fluids 41, 1-10, 2013
Open channel flows with submerged obstructions
F Dias, JM Vanden-Broeck
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 206, 155-170, 1989
Resonant behaviour of an oscillating wave energy converter in a channel
E Renzi, F Dias
arXiv preprint arXiv:1204.2164, 2012
Comparison between three-dimensional linear and nonlinear tsunami generation models
Y Kervella, D Dutykh, F Dias
Theoretical and computational fluid dynamics 21 (4), 245-269, 2007
Rogue waves–towards a unifying concept?: Discussions and debates
V Ruban, Y Kodama, M Ruderman, J Dudley, R Grimshaw, ...
The European physical journal special topics 185 (1), 5-15, 2010
Emergent rogue wave structures and statistics in spontaneous modulation instability
S Toenger, T Godin, C Billet, F Dias, M Erkintalo, G Genty, JM Dudley
Scientific reports 5, 10380, 2015
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